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We are a group of people, both Artists and Commissioners. We treat each other fair and with kindness and this place is dedicated to all who wanna do or receive high quality commissions.
Every group member is verified and worth your trust.
If you are such person too, we would like to welcome you as one of us!

If you would like to join us, please read our rules and how to join before application.
Founded 7 Months ago
Sep 8, 2017


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Support & Cause

288 Members
433 Watchers
5,465 Pageviews
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We kindly welcome you to our group. If you want to join, please follow rules below.





You're an established artist if you:
- have four or more commissions in your gallery.
- have a history of uploading artwork to DeviantART
- have received comments on some if not all of your works.

:bulletpurple: You must have at least 2 commissions in your gallery.
:bulletpurple: Please attach 2-3 completed commissions when you apply. We will verify you before joining.
:bulletpurple: By applying to join the group, you agree to follow our rules. Please keep that in mind.

You're a Junior Artist if you:
- have two or less commissions in your gallery.
- if you are just starting out with your art and want to pursue commissions in the near future.
- if you've got many examples of art in your gallery and haven't sold any of your art yet but are currently open to accept commission requests.
- one or more of the above.

:bulletyellow: You must have some positive feedback under your regular artworks.
:bulletyellow: Please write a word or two about you in your application.
:bulletyellow: When you apply, please mention that you are applying as a Junior Artist.

:bulletblue: Please attach at least one commission that you have purchased when you apply. We will verify you before accepting your request to join the group.
:bulletblue: By applying to join our group, you agree to follow our rules. Please keep that in mind.



:bulletblack: We are kind to each other and to other dA members. Everyone has bad days, but this is not an excuse to be rude or mean.
:bulletblack: We treat each other with respect. As Artists, we understand that following feedback from customers and delivering high quality art is the most important thing in our job, while as Commissioners we know that good work requires proper payment and time.

For Artists - submission rules
:bulletblack: You can submit 3 works per week.
:bulletblack: Your deviations will be automatically accepted, but please follow folders description. EXCEPTION: deviations submitted to the Mature Content folder will be checked first.
:bulletblack: Please post only commissions that you did. The Examples Folder is an exception, where you can put non-commission art of yours to advertise.
:bulletblack: If you break those rules more than a few times despite us helping you to follow them, you will be removed from the group. Everyone makes mistakes, but let's not repeat them over and over.
:bulletblack: Please post only your own original art. Any copied/trashed deviations will be removed.
:bulletblack: Junior Artists shall upload their content to the Juniors Artwork folder (we will check it). When you have uploaded three completed commissions, you'll become a regular Artist.

For Commissioners - submission rules
:bulletblack: You are free to post your job offers in one of the two folders: I Want An Artist - Real Money and I Want An Artist - Points.
:bulletblack: Please post only paid jobs (you must pay at least with points).
:bulletblack: Every artist is different. Some accept 50/50 payment (50% down payment to begin work 50% upon completion), and others accept a portion of the total amount to cover the initial sketch, and then the remainder upon completion (this could be any scale from 20/80 to 40/60). Please make sure to check their TOS/Method Of Operations before ordering art from them.
:bulletblack: Do not order art if you don't have the funds set aside to pay for it. The artists put a lot of time and effort into their work, and as such, need to be paid - just like a regular job out in 'the real world'.

Thank you kindly and welcome aboard! :la:
This translation was made by Marcinbydg. Feel free to say "thank you" to him :)
Original post was written by MadBlackie and can be found here:
Komisze - z czym to sie je?Już od jakiegoś czasu chodziło mi po głowie napisanie tekstu, który omawiałby różne aspekty rysowania na zamówienie, zarówno od strony artysty jak i klienta. Widziałam trochę takich artykułów po angielsku, ale mam poczucie, że brakuje czegoś takiego w języku polskim, w maksymalnie przystępnej formie i wzbogaconej o moje własne doświadczenia. Chciałabym też rozwiać pewne wątpliwości, które mogą mieć osoby chcące coś zamówić u mnie i przedstawić, jak dokładnie wygląda taki proces. Z premedytacją pominęłam aspekty prawne, bo nie jestem prawnikiem i nie czuję, żebym mogła wam udzielić w tym zakresie wyczerpujących informacji. Ponieważ ten rodzaj działalności jest dość mgliście zdefiniowany, najbezpieczniej jest udać się po dokładne

Following article is actually based on its author’s experience in commissioning mostly on local area in Poland. The outlander  clients may have different point of view. About the law features the author recommends consulting proper authorities in your country for required details.The purpose of this article is to explain the features of commissioning, seen from the artist and the client’s POV.

First of all check your skill level. Ask yourself: are you good enough as an artist ,are you capable of clients requirements,  what you can and what you cannot draw. Think then: are you able to work sometimes on things you don’t like, get you bored or you wish to be done differently, ‘coz until you become renowned artist, you won’t be able to choose only the orders you are interested in (at least if you are not in desperate need for cash and your commissions are made for your own pleasure.  You can be more strict with your rules then).

 Another important thing is time – when you're studying your free time is rather limited, that’s why it’s necessary to think on how long will it take to manage the order ( sometimes consider   weeks or months) and notify clients at the very beginning, to help them decide if they’re ready to wait so long. If you encounter unexpected delays  make sure to always be in touch with commissioners, to let them decide whether they still want the art or not especially if you haven’t started  yet.

  Organize your prices in simple and clear way. Make sure to leave as few price options as possible, as client mostly isn’t into digging deeply into your offer and tries to calculate how much he’s  gonna pay. Try to set 3-4 options of prices, according to the overall time and efforts you put into one piece. You decide, whether it’s divided into technique of choice, how complex the drawing is or is it a portrait/fulllbody that someone is ordering.

 Price list, no matter how exact is, it’ll never cover every possibilities, ‘coz commissioner will surprise you with some extraordinary order. That’s why it’s better to leave a price that is indicative and you will need to discuss the details and the price  individually  anyway.

  Always ask for fee or deposit payment. Well, at least If you don’t know this person  and you aren't sure if she/he can be trusted. Such a move will spare you the problems with people who will just flee with the art after it’s done without paying for it, or those who are not sure about the orde. They are asking for details but will never pay you . In the fact, they will just block the list while there are other people awaiting to order. Secondly, it will compensate your efforts, if during the work commissioner will just stop responding or will just tell that he’s not interested in commission anymore.

 Make sure you send the commissioner the progress reports, to have an opportunity to make some corrections if needed. Best rule is that, after advanced  sketch is accepted, there is no way to change  anything, ‘coz in the traditional technique it’s practically impossible ,but if you work digital you avoid plenty of corrections on nearly finished art. Many clients consider, that you will fix the drawing for free , but it’s not how it goes . So keep in mind that your time is precious and it deserves to be respected.

  Be well organized! Provide a list of all your commissions to be done – especially with their status – paid, awaiting for payment - you can point progress there (on sketch phase or lineart and so on.), which will tell the client how the commission is going. Get a references to avoid delays whhen awaiting for details from client.  If in doubt – ask, always ask (for example, If you need additional materials before starting to draw). This way you won’t need to worry about loads of corrections.

  Last and most important: be kind and forgiving to your commissioners. There might be someone who has never commissioned no one before and needs help in distinguishing Paypal from bank transfer etc. If both sides are sympathetic for each other it will help in contacts.

Here we are - in the very complicated phase. You can’t compare artistic work over the drawing to working in fast-food restaurant, or any other job that doesn’t require preparation in the past. Artists mostly spend much of their time and funds to work the way up with their skill before starting gaining money from it. In reality it’s mostly about that your skills are not satisfying enough for someone who is willing to pay you huge amount of money for an art made in 10 hours. Either way, despite of your advanced abilities, you  have a struggle in finding clients and there are still people complaining on your prices. That’s why you need to affiliate prices to the requirements of the local or global ground, according to where you gonna try your efforts. Or accept the fact, that you will receive up to 3 orders a year. As for the traditional you will want to set additional costs for the tools needed for the work itself (different for pencils, watercolor or work on canvas).

 Start with analyzing the artist’s offer. Don’t push someone to make furry if they're not good at drawing animals ,and so on. Secondly, respect the artists and their timelines – if they make it clear, that they are not able to accept more commissions currently, ask them if you can book a place on wishlist, but don’t  make them rush for your business’ sake.

   Try to put as much details in your order as possible, provide sufficient amount of polished references in high resolution. Discuss potential doubts with the person you’re commissioning, point out the mistakes on the sketch. By doing so, you have guarantee, that the work you’re about to get ,will satisfy you.

   Never ask artist to copy somebody else’s style for you (at least if it’s not about doing something in particular style of known art’s epoch – it will not harm nobody), as it’s just unpolite. If you desire for an exact style, commission the exactly one particular person who has this style.

   Don’t complain on the prices. You’ve got a chance to have a look at the prices, before you decide to commission an artist. In case you’re unable to pay this person, you can always look for someone else to make a drawing. Just like you don’t send your complaints about expensive goods to company that produces e.g. chocolates. By ordering something unique for you, you have to be aware, that it will cost you more, than when you purchase a poster or stuffed teddy bear from massive production.

   Don’t make artists wait for payment and don’t play with them. No one will blame you if you suddenly change your mind for any reason after makin' an order (at least in case if the commission hasn't been started). Just nicely let the artist know about that - it's really not that big deal, compared to situation when artists are  wondering if
they should ask for payment or even the whole order at all.

    If someone decides to commission me, first we discuss details. I put this client on wishlist and let him know when I can start doing the work. I’m not comfortable with it, that someone pays and after that he's forced to wait few months for promised piece. Therefore I prefer to notify him a week or two earlier that he can make the transfer.

  After that , I  change the order’s status on the list and I’m moving on with sketch. At the beginning it is simple overall sketch – I only need to set characters positions and plan the background.  After this phase is accepted, I usually make more advanced sketch with clothes, props , face expressions etc. It’s best to ask for potentially missing details at this  phase, as it’s hard to fix anything later on for me. Next phases  are lineart or contours (depends on technique) and sometimes I send each stages of work   to the  client (if the job moves slowly I assure him that I’m not sitting back and the work goes on).

  If anything, I let client know if there are any delays due to many different circumstances (school duties). However if I’m aware that somebody really wants the job done in the particular time, I’m doing my best to manage it.

  Why the order that was paid later on, is being done at the first place? Usually it’s about that one person ordered traditional  drawing, and the traditional is just faster and easier for me to do. Sometimes I’m just unable to spend another hour by the computer, especially when I’m forced to use it everyday for the long time, because I’m studying graphic design. To make a break , let eyes and brain relax after concentrating on the same work over the same piece, I move on to something traditional  which in fact makes it submitted as the first one . Another reason may be that the second client desires the work to be ready on the very nearest time,  while the first one isn’t in such a hurry. In this case I’m working on the piece with higher priority, but I’d rather avoid such situations, because I don’t wanna no one to feel like he’s being treated unfairly.

What can you expect when commissioning me? (MadBlackie)
-       When you choose digital, you receive a high resolution piece (300-500dpi , mostly 30-35cm length  format) and - if we talked about it - there are additional props there (for example: last order was an illustration for Iwan. It was in a form of wallpaper also prepaired as a book covers)
   -       When you choose a traditional I always offer to send original drawing ( not only to Poland), making sure that drawing will be safe from damages on the post office. If you’re not interested in consignment or you can’t afford to order it for any reason , you will receive a scan in high resolution.

  Drawings you commissioned belongs to you. You are free to use it as a desktop wallpaper, mug’s pattern or anything else.  I only ask for contacting me to speak on details if you intend to make a commercial use of it.
Additional personal advices suggested by other deviant karbor for reflection.
   1.  Never bite more than you can chew.
   2.  accept commissions, that you’re sure will be done  
       with pleasure ( you are struggling and not satisfied,
       nor the client is pleased. There is a danger that
       you will abandon drawing for some time. It’s not worth it).
   3.  In your price list/portfolio offer what you like,
       not what you can do(why? Look at the point 2 above).
   4.  Value the work exactly in association to the effort and skills.
       It’s not a market place and you can’t lower the price
       ( to manage a neat art for client , you need to feel inside
       that you are respectively  rewarded  for it).

This post is dedicated especially to Junior Artist, but I hope it can be useful for all of you :)
Our current Junior Artists:
BubbleC6H4Cl2 Adopts-and-Designs MiseryMarie origamiis Danieljamieson RaindropArt21 AutumnGoose kirino03 M-ilkRat XxleraX Vegeta3690 Acruxicon KarolinaDhimitri sambo1996 NanamiDarkfox arasti Sausagewolf dpereirart xShooryx Martin-o-sea-yo BattyDoodles PrinceCheese GioTanner HikariUtsumi Hydr0xyzine Hariee soundguide Faunec whassup86 Kitsunechanw Chaotic-Blueberry 4nthropology emeraldscetch xefernous BedstrickenNicky Chissan-ART iamHikari-kun Martha-Chan Minachi-arisa LeriVi Milssa Rusikart AjisainoTsuju Soloreign Huctus117 eissaY p0r5ch3 fairUnfair Vervia YourDigitalAquarium mijanee TxmistaVetra AyerArts09 SinkCandyCentral GrimJimmy sblobb krisyasha Lysithea-X FeineAdopts Regedansal

How you can become a Regular Artist:
Current Junior Artists [LIST]Junior Artists are all those members, who have less than 3 completed commissions in their portfolio.
Once you make more than 3 paid works, you can be promoted to a Regular Artist. :la:
If you did 3+ commissions, please drop us a note with links to your artwork and we will remove you from Junior Artists list and allow to post your art in other folders in our gallery.
Current Junior Artists:


30.03.18 Update: stylistics got better
Hello Friends!
It's time for second free one month core to be donated! :la:

The most active person in the group in upcoming month will get one month core just for free!
I will check group's log on 20th of April and the most active person will receive core membership from me. :)
To make things fair, Super-Chi can't win this time, as she won in March.

Good luck!
Here you can find some of our artists who take commissions at this moment.
All artists below are worth trust, warm, kind people who love to work with people from all around the world.

:bulletred: mijanee:iconmijanee:

commission info:
COMMISSIONS ARE NOW OPEN!Elegant Divider 2 - top 
Hi all! I am formally opening my commissions!
 I'm nervous so you must forgive me for the unnecessary blabbers.
I've turned my back on art for so long that I'm slowly burning out from the stress of daily life and keeping myself from doing what my heart desires.  It may not be enough to keep me alive right now but I feel like this is what I should be doing or else my life will rot away and regret that I haven't tried. :)

Here's what I offer for now:

I'm terribly sorry for the lack of examples because I'm currently reorganizing my gallery and style. I'm working on it so stay tuned. Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2]
 What you see in the image though is my current ability for now ( am on the neverending process of improving my art Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] ) .
I'm not sure about the my prices so if you

payment type: money and :points:

:bulletred: serge-fiedos :iconserge-fiedos:

commission info:
Open Commission Rates SheetHi my friends.
I'm active on Deviant Art since 2014 only (though my account was created long before) and now this is my first commission sheet with a range of rates, to give you ideas of what i could do for you and for which price.
As it's a first time, it may be improved so please tell me what you think. It may also lack some samples and categories, like personal caricature, so as soon as i'll get new art style to feature in this page, i will update it.
And above all, please support me so take a commission slot and order me a nice commission that will make both of us happy. I can't wait to work alltogether in a common project. Have a great day.
Open Commissions and rates sheet by serge-fiedos

payment type: money

:bulletred: NemuMajo :iconnemumajo:

commission info:
Adoptable: Necromancer Paladin - Auction [ OPEN ] by NemuMajo

payment type: money

:bulletorange: sheeykamui  :iconsheeykamui:

commission info:
Commissions opencommissions info
My commissions are currently OPEN.
You can enter the waiting list at any time, just send a DM to me with your email that I will contact. Or, send a message. :)
With a simple background: 15$.
With an additional character: 25$.
With a complex background: 20$.
With a simple background: 8$.
Without background: 7$.
With an additional character: 15$.
Take a look of my terms of service, i’ll provide all information you need to commissh me.
If you live in Brazil, take a look >

payment type: money

:bulletorange: Innkyuu :iconinnkyuu:

commission info:
Gallery | Toyhouse | Tumblr
I'm currently doing commissions for DA points (or paypal!) On the form there is now a place to choose the payment type and if you choose paypal, I'll send you a note with my information.

Note: (100Points = $1)


Mystery Commissions

50 Points 
Take your chances to get anything from an icon or sketch to a fullbody or an animation! Everything is lined, colored, and shaded!


 25  Points Halfbody 
 100Points Fullbody 


payment type: :points:

:bulletorange: GrimJimmy  :icongrimjimmy:

commission info:
COMMISSIONS WIDE OPEN! (lowered prices,read desc.) by GrimJimmy

payment type: money

:bulletyellow: AraigumaTomoki :iconaraigumatomoki:

commission info:

( Single: 5$ || Couple: 10$)
[ 215 x 315 pixel]
( S: 6$ or 500 p || C: 9$ or 800 p)
( S: 8$ or 700 p || C: 15$ or 1400 p)
( S: 5$ or 400 p )

Solo aceptare 3 pedidos para points
hasta nuevo aviso
:points::iconbrillitos-locos:[p] DONE:points::iconvademort:[p] DONE
:points: ---:iconbunnieu: [p] DONE:iconhikarumcdonut: [p] DONE:iconmadkaichi:[p] DONE:iconan1m4:[p] DONE:iconsk-venom::iconsquishyhammy: [p] DONE-paypal.-

payment type: money and :points:

:bulletyellow: SinkCandyCentral :iconsinkcandycentral:

commission info:
Commission List 2018 [OPEN] by SinkCandyCentral

payment type: money

:bulletyellow: miminaa-chan :iconmiminaa-chan:

commission info:
Commission infoI can draw :
- Anime girls
- Chibis
I can't / won't draw :
- Nsfw
- Gore
- Furries ( for the moment )
- Males ( for the moment )
  Commission prices:
- Headshot : 200Points 

- Half bodies : 300Points 

- Chibis : 180Points 

- Sketches : 50Points 

[ Sorry , i could'nt upload artworks from my gallery . ]

payment type: :points:

:bulletyellow: Super-Chi :iconsuper-chi:

commission info:
COMMISSIONS!!! by Super-Chi

payment type: money

If you want a commission from artists above, don't hesitate to send them a note~
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