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We are a group of people, both Artists and Commissioners. We treat each other fair and with kindness and this place is dedicated to all who wanna do or receive high quality commissions.
Every group member is verified and worth your trust.
If you are such person too, we would like to welcome you as one of us!

If you would like to join us, please read our rules and how to join before application.
Founded 9 Months ago
Sep 8, 2017


Group Focus
Support & Cause

351 Members
484 Watchers
6,284 Pageviews
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We kindly welcome you to our group. If you want to join, please follow rules below.





You're an established artist if you:
- have four or more commissions in your gallery.
- have a history of uploading artwork to DeviantART
- have received comments on some if not all of your works.

:bulletpurple: You must have at least 2 commissions in your gallery.
:bulletpurple: Please attach 2-3 completed commissions when you apply. We will verify you before joining.
:bulletpurple: By applying to join the group, you agree to follow our rules. Please keep that in mind.

You're a Junior Artist if you:
- have two or less commissions in your gallery.
- if you are just starting out with your art and want to pursue commissions in the near future.
- if you've got many examples of art in your gallery and haven't sold any of your art yet but are currently open to accept commission requests.
- one or more of the above.

:bulletyellow: You must have some positive feedback under your regular artworks.
:bulletyellow: Please write a word or two about you in your application.
:bulletyellow: When you apply, please mention that you are applying as a Junior Artist.

:bulletblue: Please attach at least one commission that you have purchased when you apply. We will verify you before accepting your request to join the group.
:bulletblue: By applying to join our group, you agree to follow our rules. Please keep that in mind.



:bulletblack: We are kind to each other and to other dA members. Everyone has bad days, but this is not an excuse to be rude or mean.
:bulletblack: We treat each other with respect. As Artists, we understand that following feedback from customers and delivering high quality art is the most important thing in our job, while as Commissioners we know that good work requires proper payment and time.

For Artists - submission rules
:bulletblack: You can submit 3 works per week.
:bulletblack: Your deviations will be automatically accepted, but please follow folders description. EXCEPTION: deviations submitted to the Mature Content folder will be checked first.
:bulletblack: Please post only commissions that you did. The Examples Folder is an exception, where you can put non-commission art of yours to advertise.
:bulletblack: If you break those rules more than a few times despite us helping you to follow them, you will be removed from the group. Everyone makes mistakes, but let's not repeat them over and over.
:bulletblack: Please post only your own original art. Any copied/trashed deviations will be removed.
:bulletblack: Junior Artists shall upload their content to the Juniors Artwork folder (we will check it). When you have uploaded three completed commissions, you'll become a regular Artist.

For Commissioners - submission rules
:bulletblack: You are free to post your job offers in one of the two folders: I Want An Artist - Real Money and I Want An Artist - Points.
:bulletblack: Please post only paid jobs (you must pay at least with points).
:bulletblack: Every artist is different. Some accept 50/50 payment (50% down payment to begin work 50% upon completion), and others accept a portion of the total amount to cover the initial sketch, and then the remainder upon completion (this could be any scale from 20/80 to 40/60). Please make sure to check their TOS/Method Of Operations before ordering art from them.
:bulletblack: Do not order art if you don't have the funds set aside to pay for it. The artists put a lot of time and effort into their work, and as such, need to be paid - just like a regular job out in 'the real world'.

Thank you kindly and welcome aboard! :la:
Hello Friends!
There were a few awesome artists who joined us in last few days. Feel free to say hello to them! :la:

Sasplayer | Daxx-Lorenzo | Merak-l | marsmalllow | Lucid-dreAmSs | Daisuki079
ChasingTheRighteous | SpectraArts | Inntary | Fily7 | paachu4dada888
Here you can find some of our artists who take commissions at this moment.
All artists below are worth trust, warm, kind people who love to work with people from all around the world.

:bulletred: cosmiplier :iconcosmiplier:

commission info:
Latest Commission PricesThings have changed a bit since last time, and there are some things I will not offer unless specifically requested.
Additionally, I now do not only offer my chibi style, I also have my latest brushed style.
I will also offer traditional.
Never send payment before I have agreed. Please note me if you are interested in a commission.
USD via PayPal only.
I do not accept points, art, or characters.

FULLBODY - $2.50


HALFBODY - $4.00




payment type: money

:bulletred: onuyre :icononuyre:

commission info:
Commissions Chibi Slots (open 4/4)Hi, how are you? I hope everything is fine, I decided to take a few commissions.
Exemple of Artwork:

1500 point= $15
I accept only Paypal and deviantART point payments. (Point prices are subjected to changes to fit my real currency prices)DO NOT complain about my prices. Everyone is free to price their art the way they think it's worth, and also everyone is free to commission me or not. I'm not forcing you to buy my art. Those kind of comments will be reported and you'll probably be blocked.I encourage you to browse around my gallery to see more art samples.Please write in a clear and nice manner.
All commissions must

payment type: money and :points:

:bulletred: MiaErrianIrielynn :iconmiaerrianirielynn:

commission info:
COMMISSIONS and POINT COMMISSIONS are open!I rewrited some commission options and opened new directions to requirements. It means I will do silk painting as before and also watercolor paintings. You should contact me if you're interested about linearts or sketches only, I didn't write a slot for it (no one wanted it for now) - price for this could be after an agreement.

ACEO card


I can draw dragons, animals, landscapes and nature, warning! NOT human characters or anime.
Postage not included:
• 190 points to USA, Asia, Australia
• 160 points to Europe 
• 90 points to Czech Republic (19,-)
It costs:

payment type: money and :points:

:bulletred: JasperDragmire :iconjasperdragmire:

commission info:
Name your price commissions OPENCommissions are open and are any donation of :points: at or above 100 :points: (Remember 100 :points: = $1 ). They will be like the art below and will be made using bases until I'm confident enough in my own poses/ anatomy.
Update: Added a MLP style sample.


payment type: money and :points:

:bulletred: genojem :icongenojem:

commission info:
COMMISSIONS: OPENRounded Star BulletImportant Info Rounded Star Bullet 

-Character Reference(s):
-Commission Type:


If you see something you're interested in not yet listed here- feel free to ask about it !

Rounded Star Bullet (Requested) Color Rounded Star Bullet 

Arrow left Head shot: $.75/75 pts Black Sparkle 1

payment type: money and :points:

:bulletorange: Phooma12345  :iconphooma12345:

commission info:
Commissions | OPEN {URGENT}   

I am: OPEN
cherry blossom Cheap Icon Commissions cherry blossom

Please, I fucked up and now I owe someone a lot of money. It's my fault and I just wanna pay them back asap. I'm willing to negotiate when it comes to my prices that's how much I need the money. Please consider!
Racing Girl Emoji (Pretty Please Onegai) [V3] 
 R U L E S 
 Leave your commission in the comments section
 Fill out the commission form
 Accepting PayPal (2007-2014) Icon mid and :points:
 I require money upfront before starting the commission

payment type: money and :points:

:bulletorange: Roadkill-Sarny :iconroadkill-sarny:

commission info:

payment type: money

:bulletorange: binjiarts  :iconbinjiarts:

commission info:…

payment type: money

:bulletorange: Unilt  :iconunilt:

commission info:
Fantasy character illustrations Commissions open!What would you get:
- I will provide you a few thumbnails untill we het to the final desing.
- I will keep you updated on your project (every day if I can).
- I'm also willing to offer suggestions if I think it wouldll improve your piece, up to you.
- Full character concept illustration (male, female, monsters, and/or creatures)
- .Psd file
What I won't draw:
Information about the commissions:
- Payment via Paypal.
- Half of the payment up front and then the other half after I finished the piece.
- I am allowed to decline any commission.
- In case I can't finish your commission I will send back the payment and you will get a notification.
- Clear description of what do you want and some reference images.
- Reasonable deadline. No last minute request.
- I want to be able to contact you with ease, if possible.
- Depending on the Character design the price could increase or decrease (I will inform you about if that's the case)
- Ag

payment type: money

:bulletorange: PandiUnicorneo :iconpandiunicorneo:

commission info:
Comission OPEN (Update)Pointing Emoticon of a Cute Little DinosaurYeeeey Comission Again open 
Bullet; GreenNEW CATEGORY DOWN 30-40 POINTSSoooo Cute..Onion 
 Peach Rose (Meaning: Desire and Enthusiasm)   COMISIÓN OPEN POINTS AND PAYPAL   Peach Rose (Meaning: Desire and Enthusiasm) 


-CONTEN + 18 / Contenido más +18 
- FETICHE Extremo / Fetish 
-Excesive Gore / Contenido Sangriento excesivo
Bullet; Green PUE

payment type: money and :points:

:bulletorange: Inkling-Sketch-I :iconinkling-sketch-i:

commission info:
!!!!! : Commissions Available!!! : !!!!! by Inkling-Sketch-I

payment type: money

:bulletyellow: katamariluv :iconkatamariluv:

commission info:
Commission Price InfoMy commission prices are:
Headshot: 100Points
Half body: 150Points
Full body: 200Points
Group pic: 300Points
Payment may be given via the commissions widget below my Favorites folder; commissions can only be safe for work.

payment type: :points:

:bulletyellow: D--A--N--C--E :icond--a--n--c--e:

commission info:
Headshot/Bust Commissions ::OPEN::All the commission info is in this doc I made.  Please comment on this journal if you'd like to commission though!  Also, I'm currently only accepting Paypal.
Link to doc--->
If you're interested in commissioning, please fill out this form in the comments below with the needed information.
Character name:
Character Reference:
Sketch or finished Lineart:
Colored or Colorless/grey:
Shading or no shading(This isn't an option if you picked sketch):
With or without background:
If you wish for a background, would you like it to be solid/transparent, simple, or complex:
Extra information(This is for what kind of expression, pose, background colors, or just any sort of thing you'd like me to know when drawing your commission):
Total price:

payment type: money

:bulletyellow: DafneStavridi :icondafnestavridi:

commission info:
Commissions are OPEN!Hello, everyone! I delighted to announce that I'm available for commissions! Please email me if you are interested:

I only accept Paypal. Currency accepted is either USD or EUR.
All prices are for a single character. Any additional character added to the piece of artwork is +50% of the final price (max 3 characters).
Things that might increase the price are complex character designs, not being able to provide a good visual reference, complex backgrounds, amount of detail in the image in general.
Commission Process
1. You send me an email with your order. I read it through and you get a price based on the complexity of the project (see the examples above). If you accept the price, I then accept your order.
2. I save you a slot and ask you to send the payment.
3. Payment is sent and received.
4. I show you some sketches and you give

payment type: money

:bulletyellow: Lil-Cheeto :iconlil-cheeto:

commission info:

payment type: :points:

:bulletyellow: popseacle :iconpopseacle:

commission info:
Commission price masterlist 2018 (always open!)A master list of my commission prices for 2018. This will be always open for one year and might remain unchanged.
Please check here if you're interested in commissioning!
Commission used for:
Monthly billsCore membershipTo commission others

DONUT - $25

Headshot - bust upPrice is for one headSimple background as shown above (gradient, pattern, details)Lighting can be requested see hereSize is 2000px 300dpiCouple icons will be a 4000px merged canvasGreat for profile iconPhone wallpaper - aesthetic headshot (sample coming soon)


payment type: money

:bulletyellow: ADAxel :iconadaxel:

commission info:
Commissions OpenNew commission prices and info. My goal is to make 400$ a month for food and my dog. Consider commissioning me. If you are interested please see my commission info page.
If you cannot commission me, please spread my commission info. You can also retweet my commission info on twitter
Commission prices have been updated as of 4/30/2018.

Bust: 15$
Full Body: 30$
(You may add color and/or shading for this option. 5$ for color and 10$ for shading. Or 15$ for both. This price is per character.)
Bust: 35$
Full Body: 45$
(You may add shading to this option. It is 10$ per character.)
Flat Color
Bust: 50$
Full Body: 60$
Cell Shading
Bust: 65$
Full Body: 75$
Simple Reference sheets
- 55$ For a flat color view of the character from the front plus one headshot.(Can be human, animal, furry/anthro, pokemon

payment type: money

:bulletyellow: Uylisis :iconuylisis:

commission info:
Commissions (5/5) open
Commission Info
TOS Please read before commissioning me!

*Prices may change with time, last updated 5/29/2018.
Looking for my pixel commissions? Click here!

Head shots will be $5.
Waist up will be $10.
Full Body will be $15.
Color will be $5 extra and will be flat coloring.
For more than one character just double the price.

Headshots||Line Art|| $5 
Monochrome|| Black and White|| $8 
Headshots||Flat Color (No shadows or Lighting)|| $12
Headshots||Fully Color|| $15

(4/5) Pixel Art Commission openCommission Info

TOS Please read before commissioning me!
Looking for my digital commissions? Click here!

Pixel Icons
50x50 px
Blinking can included
$3/300 pts(+Depending on Complexity) 
Style 1
Style 2 [Locked]
 Will be added at a later date.
 Pixel Heads 
250 x 250
Blinking can be Included
$7/700 pts (+Depending on Complexity)
For additional characters its half of the base price.
For additional animations it will be $2 each.
Pixel Dolls Simple

payment type: money

:bulletblue: Yamasei :iconyamasei:

commission info:
[OPEN] $8 Headshot commissionsI need at least $500 so I am opening up headshot commissions for $8!
Prices are negotiable just send me a note!

Other examples of my latest work

- Could be you!
Finished pieces
- None yet

payment type: money

:bulletblack: Kiyopan :iconkiyopan:

commission info:
[New!] Point Commissions [CLOSED!!]Terms of Service
Read these before commissioning me, please!
Do´s and Dont´s

Transparent background: 300 :points: [+ 150 :points: per additional character]
Simple lace background: 350 :points: [+ 150 :points: per additional character]

Transparent background: 500 :points: [+ 300 :points: per additional character]
Simple lace background: 550 :points: [+300 :points: per additional character]

Transparent background: 600 :points: [+ 400 :points: per additional character]
Simple lace background: 650 [Points] [+ 400 [Points] per additional character]
Simple background

payment type: :points:

:bulletblack: Cats2900 :iconcats2900:

commission info:
cheap commissions | probably always openhello!! so i'm finally opening commissions.. i'm gonna try to keep my prices low, and commissions open as much as possible. thank you for buying ^^
100 points = 1 usd
(so 1 point is... a penny)
sketch headshot: 5 points

lineart headshot: 7 points

colored headshot: 9 points

sketch bust: 8 points

lineart bust: 10 points

colored bust: 12 points

sketch halfbody: 12 points

lineart halfbody: 14 points

colored halfbody: 16 points

sketch fullbody: 16 points

lineart fullbody: 20 points
Untitled by Cats2900
colored fullbody: 25 points
Untitled by Cats2900
ref sheet (you will need to tell me what you want on the ref and where. give me exam

payment type: money and :points:

:bulletblack: Araelixir :iconaraelixir:

commission info:
PWYW Commissions - openHello there! Update: I just found out I need medication for my mild depression. And they are absolutely expensive.
Points and PayPal are accepted | No offers below 100 points (however digital art might be more expensive.)
      I'm Aera - Ask me anything! by Araelixir
art styles available;
semi-realism | my style | freehand | surprise | anime-cartoon

payment type: :points:

:bulletblack: Lin-Do :iconlin-do:

commission info:
Paypal/Point Commissions OPEN.Yo! I'm not very good at open my commission but I just made a paypal account and I really want to use it! Q7Q )9

Stars Rules:  
I accept Points and Paypal (USD).
$1 = 100 points.
I will start working only after received payment.
Please, don't rush me. If there passes more than 1 month you can tell me.
Once started there will be no refunds.
Only digital references please.
You can use the drawing for whatever you want but you must credit me.
Each extra character is + $3 / 300 points.Background is free, tell me if you want it or not.
Stars I can draw
Animals and anthroHumans
PokemonSonic charactersCouple or groups ( max. 3 character per drawing)
Stars I can't drawEverything that is NSFW/ +18/ HentaiOld or Musclular characters (I mean exaggerated)Mecha/robots ( I CAN draw a

payment type: money and :points:

If you want a commission from artists above, don't hesitate to send them a note~
Hello Friends!
In this month the most active member (except admins) is...


You will receive 1 month free core membership.

If you have any ideas for other initiatives, feel free to share them in comments!
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